The Journey

Hi, I am Tomas Green. I am a single man who have been struggling with weight loss for many years and I felt that there's something out there that would allow me to live healthier without drastic surgery and other methods of weight loss.  I began my journey with Young Living Essential Oils in March 2015 because I felt that with essential oils, I could live in the wellness zone.  I was introduced to essential oils through a Facebook class and I realized that perhaps I should try some of those oils to achieve my goals of living well and lose weight.   I fell in love with Stress Away essential oil because my stress level reduced while I was working. Stress Away Essential Oil definitely keep me stay focused on productivity and smiling for the customers.  

Then a couple of weeks later, I went back home to take care of my grandmother with my family.  I diffused Thieves to keep the whole family well and I used some Joy essential oil blend dabbed on the cotton pad and placed it in the vent.  I remembered that moment when we all smelled the Joy essential oil blend in the room, my grandma smiled and sniffed a couple of times.  She smiled and calmed down.   She passed away peacefully a few weeks later.  I returned back home and resume living my life.  

I became an Oily Educator and taught a few classes and Do It Yourself events.  I joined the Essentially Equipped Challenge group, a men's group, on Facebook.  One of the best groups I have ever participated in my life.  Those men are 'iron sharping iron' group that encouraged me to grow as a person and encourage me to use more YL products.  Now I am using Thieves products regularly, dish soap, laundry soap, household cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and Veggie/Fruit wash.  I love using Orange Blossom facial wash, Shutran Shaving cream, Mountain Mist deodorant, Shower and Bath gel, and a few other oils on a daily basis.  I am grateful for those EEC men and the ladies in various YL groups on facebook.

My team was named "Lion Heart Oils Team" on facebook and there are several members in my team.  In November 2016, a few members and I created the 'Young Living ASL Community' because we wanted a community that uses American Sign Language as a primary language for communication.  With current social media technology, especially Facebook Live feature allowing us to do video streaming so we can share information in our native language.  

Currently I reside in Edwardsville, IL with my 11 years old kitty named Mesa, working a part-time job, and sharing my love for Young Living essential oils full time.